Amavi Cellars!

Mike and I were out doing our favorite past-time, wine tasting! We had the pleasure of having his sister and a mutual friend with us, what a good time we had! Our first stop was at Amavi Cellars and we had the pleasure of meeting Brian Dennis, the tasting room host.  He was very charismatic […]

The Three Amigos

Wow what an interesting tasting by accident! I was researching organic wines and I came across Pleasant Hill Cellars.  I gave them a call to retrieve information on organic wine only to find out that they didn’t produce organic wine. I had the privilege of speaking with Larry Lindvig, one of three winemakers that produce […]

How Do Sulfites In Wine Affect Me?

According to Wikipedia, sulfites are compounds that contain the sulfite ion So3-2.  The sulfite ion is the conjugate base of bisulfite.  Although its acid (sulfurous acid) is elusive, its salts are widely used as a food preservative or enhancer. Sulfites are commonly blamed for causing headaches when drinking red wine, especially among women.  Sulfites are […]

Lauren Ashton Gala!

Mike and I had the privilege of attending the first ever Lauren Ashton club members event last Saturday. The food was very complementary to the new releases and the atmosphere was lovely. Kit Singh outdid himself with the 2011 Cuvee Mirabelle, a wonderful blend of Grenache(55%),  Syrah(40%), and Mourvedre(5%), producing a rich blend of dark […]

Wine is Wine!

Jean Claude Beck, wine maker for Woodhouse Wine Estates, passionately exclaims, “I do not make European blends, I do not make French wine-I make Washington State wines!”  That he does!  Beautiful, artistic wine with a gorgeous French familiarity.  Jean Claude, who comes from a family that has been producing wine since 1579, believes that wine […]

Member’s Only

I just have to say a little something about this lovely picture I took of Alexandria Nicole’s Member’s Only blend.  I wanted to share with you the beautiful maroon color of the wine contrasted against the natural wood of the tabletop. The picture really caught my attention and I noticed how you can appreciate a […]

French Style Wine

Mike and I visited the Carriage House Tasting Room; otherwise known as  Delille Cellars in Woodinville Wine Country.  The power was out but they were moving full steam ahead. There was hardly any room to stand and there is reason behind that.  Chris Upchurch, wine maker for Delille Cellars, provides a wonderful example of how […]

Wine by Candle Light

How much more romantic can it get than to drink wine by candle light with the one you love?  My husband and I went to Woodinville on Saturday to pick up some wine club releases and do some tasting. The power was out due to the wind storm that went through and the wineries that […]

Coffee, Tea, or Wine

I live in the beautiful little town of North Bend, Washington. What a wonderful place to live with friendly people, quaint shops, and nice restaurants and coffee shops. While working on my articles, I really enjoy going to Pioneer Coffee and visiting with all of my local friends. What I really love is that Deanna […]

The Eclectic Wine

What is it that we think about when we think of our favorite wine? Let me refresh your memory-family, food, and fun!  Does it always have to be so traditional, and stuffy?  Why can’t we enjoy that type of experience in a fun, upscale environment that appeals to a range of ages and tastes? Is […]